How a Purple Honey Took Me from 237 All the Way to 141! Burns 4x Faster

Now My “Golden Years” Actually Feel Golden…
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My 59th birthday was one of the worst days of my life. 🥺

That was when my then husband and I got in a huge fight…

which later led to us splitting up.

He was complaining that I was so flabby, tired, and slow that I was ruining his “Golden Years”...and I didn’t take it well.

But later on, as I sat alone in my new apartment (we ended up just selling the condo) I realized…

He had a point.

I was NOT the active, energetic, happy woman he first married. In fact, I could hardly recognize myself in the mirror anymore.

So that’s when I scheduled an appointment with my doctor and made a commitment to myself. I was going to take my life back.

After all…I still had my daughter and grandchildren to think about, and I still wanted to set a good example for all of them.

The Only problem was...

When my doctor sent me home with instructions for a new diet, I followed them religiously.

Nothing changed.

So then I joined a local gym for “active adults”...which only left me sore, sweaty, and exhausted with ZERO change in the numbers.

Next I tried yoga…running…even spin classes…

And when my personal trainer said “abs are made in the kitchen” I went back to focusing on my diet.

I tried eating vegan, keto, low carb, and even intermittent fasting…

They worked for a really short time.

And the second I stopped my numbers slowly started to creep back up. They just left me even more cranky and tired.

Working out every single day is not a sustainable way to live for me. I have a really busy life...

I Was Getting Desperate and Ready to Try ANYTHING…

And as if it was a sign from heaven, I had the weirdest encounter at the mall.

I saw a man and woman both about my age, and they both had their hands full of bags.

Between the two of them, it looked like they’d bought an entirely new wardrobe…all for her.

And I could tell she needed it, because her sundress was practically slipping off her shoulders!

It was way, WAY too big on her…

But the strangest thing of all was that I recognized her!

It took me a second, but it turned out it was my old high school friend Susan… only she was literally half the woman I remembered.

Susan was always a sweetheart…but she was also the one to hide in the back of group photos because of her “puffiness”.

So to see her now, looking like a magazine model, felt like a cruel twist of fate…

Until she recognized me too.

“Elizabeth! Oh my goodness…I heard about the divorce. How are you holding up?”

As soon as I opened my mouth, the tears came pouring out. I just couldn’t keep the pain bottled in any longer.

Thankfully, Susan and her boyfriend took me aside and helped me catch my breath.

And once I recapped the whole story for her, they exchanged a knowing look.

“What?” I asked.

That’s when she pulled out a piece of paper and scribbled down a website address.

“Just watch the video there and it will explain everything. THIS is how I was able to get a whole new wardrobe…not to mention Brad here!”

So as soon as I got home, I watched the video like she said.

Not only did the video change EVERYTHING I thought I knew about health and fitness…

but when I started using their advice myself, I completely transformed my body!

From 237 down to 199…then 180…then 166…all the way down to 141…

I was FLOORED by how fast and effective this technique was! 

purple honey t

This Purple Honey Has Allowed Me To…

âś…Indulge in cookies and brownies whenever I want

âś…LOVE what I see in the mirror every day

✅Only stay as active as I want to (pretty much just slow walks in the forest…)

âś…Finally get my numbers under control

✅Escape the trap of endless workouts and diets that FAILED ME before…

Can it Work for You Too?

There’s only one way to find out for sure…but I can tell you this 

I tried SO many different things to get my health under control and this is the ONLY one that worked.

purple honey customer review
New Me ❤️ I never felt so good about myself

I look and feel better than ever… and now I can truly say MY golden years are golden!

And as you’ll see in a moment…it has worked for THOUSANDS of other men and women like me.

All I ask is that you at least watch the video ASAP – because they’re actually facing pressure from the “health and wellness” industry who are trying to get the video taken down.

Turns out…they REALLY don’t like being exposed like this. Especially when there IS a better way that cuts into their profits!

So please, check out the video below. It’s the same one Susan showed me back then and I PROMISE it’s worth the extra few minutes to watch it.

Supporting your journey,

- Elizabeth

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